Stadium Stomp: Stair-Climb the Adelaide Oval Grandstands on June 18

Published Mon 27 Feb 2023

Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval

Sunday, June 18

It’s a once-a-year challenge!


The State’s biggest stair climbing event is back and scheduled for Sunday, June 18 at the Adelaide Oval with hundreds expected to take on the challenge.

The event has been dubbed the Ultimate Stair Climb, as literally thousands of stairs are climbed by individuals willing to see if they can indeed stair climb all the grandstands at Adelaide Oval.

Like a Fun Run, there are different course lengths to choose from beginning with 1000 stairs, 3300 stairs, 6000 stairs, or for the ultimate test, the Unlimited category.

All participants finish with a lap around the boundary and a shiny finisher’s medal.

The morning is broken up into small wave times ensuring an enjoyable, uncongested experience for all.

Participants choose their own start time when registering.

Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval supports mental health via National Charity Partner Black Dog Institute and participants are encouraged to make every step count and fundraise for this amazing charity.

Stair climbing is a great complimentary activity for runners - The vigors of stair climbing strengthen heart and lungs and increase VO2 max levels.

Additionally, climbing stairs targets the bigger muscles in your body that usually get neglected during a run. All this leads to better, stronger running.

Stadium Stomp would be a great addition to any runner’s calendar.

We hope to see you on Sunday, June 18 at the Adelaide Oval for Stadium Stomp.


What it costs

  • 6000 stairs - $69.00 ($59.00 early bird)
  • 3300 stairs - $49.00 ($45.00 early bird)
  • Stomp Unlimited - $130.00 ($110.00 early bird)
  • Junior Stomp 1000 stairs (5+ years) - $29.00 ($25.00 early bird)

* Early bird prices are available until 7 May, 2023.


Registrations are online at and open now

How many stairs do you dare?